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Quizzes P&BM

Quizzes P&BM
Quiz #1:
The comparison of a brand versus the standard notion of a
product or service is very relevant in the business world. My
saying is the definition of a brand would be a brand is unique,
unreplaceable whereas product or services can be duplicated or
copied. Also, consumers create brands vs businesses create
Quiz #3:
Judgments are personal perceptions and assessments of the
brand by consumers, which are formed by bringing together all
the various brand performance and imagery associations.
*A customer can have a judgement based on the credibility of one
brand. An example of bad credibility of apps or services is when
subscription-based services try to hide their cancel subscription
Quizzes P&BM
Quiz #7:
Brand equity is characterized as the value provided to your
organization by your brand. This benefit can be extracted from
higher sales, lower marketing costs, premium pricing, even
beneficial vendor bargaining power