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Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology
Internal test – 1
Max.Mark: 40
Dept – CSE
Year – III
Sem – V
Computer Networks
Answer all the questions (5*2=10)
1. Write the service primitives.
2. Write about of UDP protocol.
3. What are the four main applications of Internet.
4. Define X.25.
5. Define 802.11.
Answer all the questions with brief explanation
6. Draw a neat diagram of ISO Reference Model and explain its function of working .(10)
7. Draw a neat diagram of Circuit switch and explain its various switch models .(10)
8. Explain Packet switch and its two approach of switch connections with neat diagram.(10)
9. Explain the wireless Links and characteristics.(10)
10. Write about the followings.(10)
(a) FTP
(b)Electronic Mail
11. Write about the followings.(10)