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Industrial Technology
Expectation Contract
Office Location and Phone
To establish and maintain an effective and successful classroom learning environment, certain expectations must be
met and responsibilities and behaviors must be used. These things are designed to help students engage in a
collaborative, beneficial, effective and fun learning environment. All school policies that are not directly mentioned
also apply to the Industrial Technology department.
1) Students will come to class on time and prepared with pen and/or pencil, paper and any materials not provided
in the shop.
2) Students will treat all teachers, other students, guests, and themselves with respect. This shall also apply to all
materials and property in the classroom and shop.
3) If a student should miss class, all work should be completed ahead of time or arrangements should be made to
have the work turned in. Special circumstances are not included.
4) Students should work carefully and cautiously at all times in order to avoid injuring themselves and others, and
to avoid damaging the equipment.
5) Safety glasses will be worn at all times in the shop. Any other special Personal Protective equipment needed
for specific work is also required.
6) Students must pass any safety test with a 100% accuracy in order to use that machine. Students must also have
permission to use any piece of equipment. Projects are to be approved before starting.
7) Students are not allowed to work in the shop without the instructor or an approved supervisor.
8) The classroom, shop and all work areas are to be cleaned at the end of each class period. Handbrooms,
dustpans, and floor brooms will be provided. Regular weekly cleaning duties will be assigned.
9) Tools and equipment should be returned promptly and in proper working order. Report any damaged tools to
the instructor or an approved supervisor.
10) Any behavioral issues will be addressed immediately, and if needed, by the administration. Any continuation of
issues will result in parent meetings.
11) Profanity will not be used in the classroom, shop and all work areas. Horseplay is a safety issue and will be
addressed accordingly.
I have read the attached Expectations Contract and fully understand the responsibilities and behaviors that must be
used to maintain an effective and successful classroom learning environment.
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Employability Skills Demonstration Grading Considerations
A. Safety Glasses and other required PPE worn.
B. Clean up after self. Includes putting tools away correctly.
C. Follow safety protocols for tools & equipment.
D. Help others be safe. Keep safety our #1 priority.
Time Management
A. Arrive on time for class. No tardies.
B. Self-start. Use as much class time as possible.
C. Strive for zero downtime.
D. Reduce distractions. **Phones**
E. Meet timelines.
F. Make up time when absent.
Active Learner - Teacher
A. Strive for quality work.
B. If working in a group, contribute your share or more. T-E-A-M
Follows Directions
A. Avoid “ Measure once, Cut twice” mistakes.
B. Use mistakes as a learning tool.
C. Ask for help when needed.
Work with Purpose
A. Eliminate derogatory comments and behaviors.
B. Set daily/weekly goals.