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Broken Dreams
My luggage is packed
Got nowhere to go
My dreams have left
So long ago
Waiting for their return
While seeing them burn
As the smoke fades away
The pain spreads every day
My Life is on hold
I’m frozen in time
It looks cloudy
But the weather is fine
No need to rush
No one will miss me
Watching my world crush
Like failure is guaranteed
My next destination
No time to rest
Only broken dreams
Taken over by emptiness
My luggage is packed
Got nowhere to go
My dreams have left
So long ago
Rationale (396)
While I was writing my poem, I was inspired by Fitzgerald’s way of ending the novel with
Gatsby being shot in the back. All his dreams suddenly just disappear with one pull of the
trigger. I wrote this poem from Gatsby’s perspective for that particular scene. In my eyes F. Scott
Fitzgerald wanted to display how it doesn’t take much for all your dreams to burst in a matter of
seconds. I feel like through his novel I could see how Fitzgerald perhaps tried to incorporate
personal experiences with broken dreams into his work.
In Broken Dreams, I wanted to emulate the last dramatic scene of the novel, where Gatsby is
shot by George. I got most of my inspiration from one line in Chapter eight, page 161 “-until
long after there was anyone to give it to if it came. I have an idea that Gatsby himself didn’t
believe it would come”. I was very inspired by this particular line because Nick Carraway really
highlighted how unexpected it happened and how not even Gatsby saw it coming. How his
dreams, his biggest desire, and only goal, vanished with a pull of a trigger.
The quote mentioned particularly inspired me for the first three stanzas where I used lines like
“Waiting for their return, While seeing them burn” and “My Life is on hold, I’m frozen in time”.
These lines especially were inspired by this because they show no one can see the moment
coming, when their dreams crush and how you feel when you experience that.
While writing my poem my biggest focus was on having a good flow throughout the lines, but at
the same time having a relation to the novel that makes sense to the reader. I used a specific
format for my poem. I did that to make it easier for the reader to understand and make it as
simple as possible, but at the same time make sure it has a deep meaning and make the reader
think about it. Additionally, I used many metaphors throughout this text. One of the biggest
metaphors is travel. I used travel as a main metaphor because it clearly emphasizes the vanishing
of dreams. Another metaphor I used in the third stanza was the weather. I used it metaphorically
to say that dreams are like the weather, they are untouchable but very real.