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Molecular Water Kit Activity V.AP BIO

Molecular Water Kit Activity (Ch. 3)
1. What type of bonds forms between the atoms in each water molecule?
2. What type of bond forms between each of the water molecules?
3. Build a model of 5 water molecules bonded together in a liquid state and make a sketch of
the model. (Clue on pg. 45, Fig. 3.2)
a. Be sure to include dashed lines for the bonds between water molecules
b. charges on the atoms (+ & -)
c. color the oxygen atoms red and the hydrogen atoms white.
4. Describe 3 properties of water that you can recreate using the molecular water kits.
Demonstrate these properties to each other in your group.
5. Use the models to answer the following question. “Why does salt readily dissolve in
water?” (Clue on pg. 49, Fig. 3.8)