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Science Current Event template

Science Current Event template
This is a template for your Science Current Event. Write on your own notebook
paper or type on a computer. Skip a line between each section.
1. Title and Author of Article
2. Source (website URL or name of newspaper/magazine):
3. Date of the article
4. 3-5 Science Vocabulary words used in the article and their definitions:
5. Paragraph Summary: (Must be at least 6 sentences! Make sure you are
paraphrasing, not copying, the article. That is plagiarism and you will receive no
6. Article Critique: (Please answer the questions in paragraph/sentence form. You
may write the answers in paragraph form or bullet each answer separately but
they must be answered in sentences. For example, the first question could be
answered, “This article is interesting to me because…”
 Why is this article interesting/important to me?
 What further science questions does this article lead me to ask?
 What is my opinion of the conclusions the author makes in this article?
7. Please attach a copy of your article to this paper.
You will be given the dates each current event is due. It is your responsibility to
record the due dates in your planner.
Due Dates:
Aug. 23
Oct. 4
Nov. 15
Jan. 24
Mar. 14
May 2
Sept. 6
Oct 18
Dec. 6
Feb. 7
Mar. 28
May 16
Sept 20
Nov. 1
Dec. 20
Feb. 28
Apr. 18