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Graphing Motion

Look at the graph above. It shows how three runners ran a 100-meter race.
1. What is Charlie’s slope at 10 secs?
2. Which runner won the race? Explain your answer.
3. What was Charlie’s speed at 12 seconds?
4. What did Charlie do between 8 and 12 secs?
5. How far did Charlie travel between 10 and 12 secs?
6. How long did Bob take to complete the race?
7. Calculate Albert’s average speed. (Figure the distance and the time first!)
8. What was Charlie’s speed at 8 seconds? AT 14secs?
9. Which runner stopped for a rest? How long was the stop?
10. Calculate each runner’s average speed of Bob and Charlie.
1. What is happening between 0hr to 2hrs?
2. What was the average velocity of the bicyclist between 0hr to 2hrs?
3. What was the total distance covered in 2hrs, 7hrs, and in 10hrs?
4. What was the average velocity over the entire trip?
1. How many meters can Swimmer 1 cover in 30 secs?
2. How far will Swimmer 2 go in 30 secs?
3. Predict the distance (m) Swimmer 1 will cover in 60
sec and Swimmer 2 in 60 sec.
4. Which swimmer has the greatest speed? What is it?
5. Calculate the slope of Swimmer 1 and 2.
On Saturday, Ashley rode her bicycle to visit Maria. Maria’s house is 1600 meters from Ashley’s. The
graph shows how far Ashley was from her house after each minute of her trip.
1. Ashley rode at a constant speed for the first 4 minutes of her trip. What was her constant speed?
What was her average speed for the entire
Ashley stopped to talk with another friend
during her trip. How far was she from her
house when she stopped?
What was Ashley’s speed during the last
minutes of her trip?
Add a new line on the graph showing
Ashley traveling at a constant speed of 200
meters/minute for the entire trip?
Ashley ridden at a constant speed of 200 meters/minute?
How long would the trip have taken had
7. What is the slope of the line after Ashley stopped to talk with her friend? How is the slope of the line
related to her speed?
8. Ashley’s brother rode beside her for several minutes. During this time, was he moving relative to
Ashley? Explain.