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Creative Writing
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Once upon a time there was a magical
pencil. One day, a boy named tom found
it lying on a box. He took the magical pencil home
and he cleaned it. When he cleaned it, a magical fairy
appeared in front of him. Tom was an aspiring writer and
had asked the fairy to help him achieve his dream. The fairy
said “In one condition, you should clean this pencil at least a
week.” This benefited the fairy in a way. Tom followed this
rule but every week the pencil got dirtier and dirtier which
made it harder to clean. Because of that the fairy turned him
into a sharpener. He was cursed to clean and sharpen pencils
for eternity. The end !
Mikola Alabanta ; Jeinna Almera ; Magdalene Tarayno ; Sahara teneros ; Jana de Liña
8 Prudence