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HW- 8-12-20
London Eye
Complete the text with the words from the
box. There are three words too many.
(Copy in the English N.B. )
-Ferris wheel
-Great Wheel
The London Eye is the massive __________ that was built on
the banks of the River Thames in 1999.
It took 7 years to construct the London Eye and it was
designed by a number of ___________.
The London Eye was often called the Millennium Wheel when it
was first opened. It has already become an iconic London
building. It provides a focal point for London’s New Year’s
firework _________.
From the top of the London Eye, you can see things about 25
miles away. On a clear day, you can make out Winsor Castle. At
135m high, the London eye is one of the highest viewing
_________ in London. Only the viewing platform of the Shard is
higher. It can carry 800 _________ and it takes 30 minutes to
complete one revolution. It doesn’t stop for passengers to step
on and off.
More than three and a half million people every year go on the
London Eye. There are 32 capsules, each representing one
London ___________. Each ____________ weighs 10 tonnes
and carries 25 passengers. The capsules are air-conditioned
and provide seats, although the passengers are able to walk
around. The ___________ which holds the wheel weights over
300 tones and is 23 meters high.
The London Eye is not the first big wheel to be ___________ in
London. There was the ___________ that was constructed in
1895 for the Empire of India Exhibition. It was demolished in
1907 having being used by over 2 million people.