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goals and objectives for group paper NUR514

Provide goals and objectives for committee:
1. Formulate a committee to facilitate nursing retention
2. Gather input from a multidisciplinary team to develop strategies to increase retention
3. Establish time frames for the committee to meet, address problems and concerns, and implement
intervention plan
4. Create an employee satisfaction survey to gather employee input
5. Develop a precepting program for nursing staff decrease nursing turnover and improve retention
in our facility
6. Evaluate the success of the newly established program
“Collegial workplace support has been linked to higher registered nurse (RN) retention” (NoguchiWatanabe et al, 2016). Whether it is real or perceived, this support from coworkers influences the RN’s
decision to stay with their employer.
Development of a committee focused on improving nursing retention is the goal for our interdisciplinary
group. Research has shown that nursing turnover is costly to employers. One study produced estimates
of the cost to replace one registered nurse (RN) at $10,100 to $64,000 depending on their specialty
(Park, Gass, & Boyle, 2016). Negative effects of staffing can cause poor patient outcomes such as
increased patient mortality and infection rates. Staffing demands also place stress on remaining
employees which in turn can lead to a downward spiral effect. By utilizing an interdisciplinary team
approach, we can develop a plan that can combat the negative effects and improve the overall status of
our facility. Many health care facilities are striving to reach the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s
(ANCC) designation of “Magnet” status. “Studies referenced in the ANCC international guide show that
hospitals who have earned Magnet or Pathway to Excellence recognition have higher percentages of
satisfied nurses, lower nurse turnover, improved clinical results and improved satisfaction” (Foster,