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Plan 1 for evaluating students

Plan 1 for evaluating students:
1. Planning and Preparation:
I demonstrated knowledge of the content and pedagogy (because a person cannot
teach what he or she does not know).
2. Designing Students Assessment:
In created assessments of learning, I ensured that each instructional outcomes were
assessed in some way, these assessment methodologies reflected authentic real life
3. Classwork/Homework:
I used to prepare for every period a class work at the end of my explanation and one
homework per week, because I think home works reinforce skills, concepts and
information learned in the class and it prepare student or the upcoming class topics, and
encourage them to take responsibilities for completing a task.
4. Designing Worksheets:
I made at least one worksheet for every chapter, which was a great tool used to understand
the student’s previous knowledge, outcome of learning, and the process of learning, at the
same time, I used them to enable students monitor the progress of their own learning .
5. Prepare exams with respecting all the student’s levels:
In all exams, I made some questions for high achievers and some for low achievers, but most
of the questions I prepared were medium level.
6. Parents Meeting:
I discussed with parents the overview of the students, how they conduct in class with their
peers, their areas of improvement.
7. Statistics:
As I was a homeroom teacher for Grade 8I, I used to make statistics in order to measure the
development of my student.
Plan 2 Internal meeting with the coordinator.
1. I has discussed with the coordinator Mrs Wijdan the weekly and yearly
2. The plan book was always checked on weekly basis in order for the
coordinator to follow up and determine the progress.
3. We have had a meeting every week.
4. We discussed the syllabus, the preparation of the lessons and I had
many advices for a better teaching strategies and ideas to improve my
teaching methodology.
5. The coordinator has helped me solve academic problems with girls. For
example one time Grade 8A made a lot of chaos in the class, so she
entered and put a limit for their unacceptable behaviour which really
helped me later in dealing with such attitudes.
6. The coordinator has discussed, checked and corrected some mistakes in
my quizzes and exams.
7. At the end, the coordinator helped me in creating analysis to evaluate
students’ progress