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Analysing an Image

would you associate this work with
e.g. Documentary, Portraiture,
Landscape/ Townscape, Still Life…
Does it fit into more than one type or
can it not be classified?
Describe the content concisely…as if
describing it to a non-sighted person…
Content and Ideas: Is the work about a
subject? Who or what is the main subject?
Consider the inclusion or exclusion of details
surrounding the main subject…
Theme: Do you think the work has a
theme? e.g. relationships, social
documentary, identity, environment
Implied Message: What is the mood or
message created ? Does it have a symbolic
or moral meaning? Is there a narrative?
What does the image reveal or conceal?
Comparisons: What are the titles of other
works on this theme by the same artist?
Compare and contrast these.
Photographers Life: Explain what
inspired and influenced the photographer –
research information that is relevant to the
Genre: What category of photography
Arts / History: Does it link to any Art
Movements? Does it link with social,
cultural or political circumstances of the
time? Does it reflect the ideas or values of
a time?
Compare / Contrast: Compare this image
to another image by a different
photographer from the same genre.
Discuss the similarities and differences.
Photographer’s Name
Title / Date
Orientation: portrait / landscape?
Viewpoint & Composition,
Keywords: Framing, Cropping,
Focus How are things arranged within
the frame and how does your eye move
around the photo?
Visual Elements : Describe the visual
element(s) that stand out e.g. Line,
pattern, texture, tone, colour, shape..
Processes / Techniques eg. Lighting,
exposure, shutter speed, type of
lens / focus/ digital / darkroom
processes: How has it been made?
What techniques have been used?
Shoot your own photographs based
on the style/ ideas/ techniques used
by this photographer.
You could start by emulating the
work or create your own images as a
response to looking at this work.
Selection: Explain how this image
links with the theme of your own
project and why you chose it.
Reaction: What is your first reaction to
the work? What did you notice first?
Does it remind you of anything? Why?
What mood / feeling is created?
Explain why you like/ dislike the work
Inspiration: How could you use this
image as a starting point for your own
work? Explain how you have been
inspired by this piece and the ideas
you have for your own shoot.