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Event: Black Live Matter protests
it is caused because of the intersection of race relations. Massive of dark-skinned
people getting killed unjustly by the cops in the US but unfortunately none of them
get punished as they said it was part of their works and its their duties to keep the
US in peace.
it has been developed into problems since ages ago. this has been has big main
problem in this world. Dark-skinned people have been considered as a ‘poor’ , ‘dirty’
and ‘uncivilized’ because of their skin-colour. Starting from kids mocking and
bullying the people of color then those kids grew up and became adults, have a
family then they starting to teach their kids about Dark-skinned people in a wrong
Black Lives Matter has always been more of a human rights movement. BLM has
worked over the past several years to raise public awareness of the relationship with
African Americans through the public protests and marches. The group has come to
offer a strong and unified voice to individuals whose opinions are too often lost
under the voice of their oppressors.The Black Lives Matter organization has had
many notable impacts that have worked to better society by drawing attention and
raising public concerns. BLM has undoubtedly changed the dynamic of modern
society regarding embedded racism. The true value of Black Lives Matter lies in the
voice and attention that it lends to an issue that has existed for far too long. The
group has unquestionably been effective in this endeavor.
This event is a milestone and everyone should pay attention and give more interests
in it because this event will completely change our mind and our world. People will
be speaking the truth and support each other’s with no race relations in between.
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