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Genre Assignment2Shortstoryquestions

Genre Assignment #2 – Answer these questions and submit. This is a homework grade.
Poem Play (drama)
Newspaper or Magazine Column
Short Story
History Textbook
Newspaper or Magazine News Article
1. What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?
True and False
2. From the list above, name all of the forms of writing that are fiction.
Play, Poem, Short Story, Novel
3. From the list above, name all of the forms of writing that are nonfiction.
Essay, Editorial, Newspaper or Magazine News Article, Newspaper or Magazine Column, History Textbook,
4. How can a reader tell if a piece of writing is a short story?
They can usually be read in one sitting
5. From the “Elements of a Short Story”, what is a “foil”?
Secondary or minor character
Someone who is opposite of protagonist
6. Explain how the term “foil” appears in “The Most Dangerous Game.”
Because the general wanted to kill people for sport whilst the other man did not
7. Why can we say “The Most Dangerous Game” is suspenseful?
Because the whole time the general is talking about wanting to kill people for sport, and that makes the reader
wonder if he is going to try to kill the other man.