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Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Indigenous Peoples in Canada
Indigenous peoples make up 4.5% of the Canadian population
They are descendents from the original peoples that lived on the land that is now Canada before it was colonized. At the time Canada was colonized, these people have had land taken
from them, given diseases, outrightly persecuted and killed.
Many of the indigenous peoples have signed treaties (or peace agreements) with the
government of Canada. This formally allows the government to use their land in exchange for
annual payments and other benefits.
First Peoples:​ The general term for indigenous peoples of Canada
Inuit​ (​in​-you-it): The closely related peoples that live in the Arctic region of Canada
Metis​ (may-​tee​): The term for indigenous peoples that were mixed with those of european
This photo shows Inuit women in gala dress.
This photo shows the blending of two cultures.
The father is of European descent and the mother
May be Metis or First Nations. The baby in the
Cradle board and the shawls that the women and
Girls wear reflect the First Nations and Metis cultures.