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5 Incredible Ways to extend Traffic To Your Website Today

5 Incredible Ways to extend Traffic To
Your Website Today
Are you continue to using equivalent traffic techniques that were effective 2-3 years ago, to
undertake and grow your online business today?
We all know that traditional ways of selling like article directory submission, posting
advertisements, and making useless forum posts like "great post, thanks and that I agree" have
now all become worthless.
Now to be fair a couple of these techniques still work to an extent, but there are many current
strategies that will maximize your efforts even further. Let me explain below.
1. Guest Post
To have success with ​guest post​ you would like to be solution-oriented.
Your blog post should answer a number of the foremost troubling questions during a particular
niche. Ex: If your niche is SEO; What are the most important concerns for an SEO marketer?
It should introduce some new ideas and explain how your methods are providing a resolution to
the issues.
It should be detailed oriented (most bloggers require a minimum of 750 words so remember to
read the principles of the blog before you post)
It should be unique (please don't give PLR to a blogger. The document you present should be
something that you simply have written)
You want to recollect to form sure you're allowed to make a minimum of two links in your
resource box that lead back to your website before you comply with submit a​ ​guest posts​.
2. Transcribing your content?
Have you ever considered transcribing your content? this is often simply a process of taking
your created media, (videos, sound recording, podcast, etc...) and turning them into articles that
will be used for Guest Posts, e-book creation, and content sharing sites like free-ebooks.net,
Scribd, or docstop.com.
3. Convert your articles into presentations
Do you have tons of articles sitting on your hard drive? If so why not re-purpose your content
and use them for point presentations.
Websites like slideshare.net get over 5 million views each day. this is often an internet site that
permits you to upload your point presentations. Imagine turning your article into a visible
presentation then funneling a fraction of their 5 million visitors to your website.
4. Turn Your Articles into Video
Just like you'll turn your videos into articles, you'll turn your articles into the video. Now you're
even giving more value to a broader audience that might rather watch a step by step tutorial as
against reading a document.
(By far video is my favorite traffic method because it allows you to make more of a private
relationship together with your viewer, and love it or not your greatest sales online will come
from customers who desire they share a reference to you.)
When creating a video it's important to recollect to:
Make sure your keyword is in your title
Make sure your keyword is in your description of the video
Make sure you set a robust call to action and therefore the name of your website within
the description.- Example the primary thing your viewer should see after watching your
video are some things like; For more information click www. yourwebsite.com
Make sure you label your tags with as many relevant keywords as possible
Tip: For more views, once I create a YouTube video, I generally wish to search for
related videos that have a high number of views, then i might use a number of their
keywords for my tags so my video would presumably appear in additional frequent
5. Video Responses
One of the simplest ways to urge traffic is by the YouTube Video Response
Instead of posting a written discussion of a video, you were watching - why not offer more value
to other viewers by creating a video response.
For this to be truly effective you ought to discuss videos that feature a lot of views (preferably
over 10,000)
Follow these steps to make a video response:
Create a video that gives more value to the video you're currently watching
Just click on the answer video box
The box will expand and within the right, click on the blue icon that says "Create a Video
All your videos are going to be on the proper under a box labeled: " select the video you
would like to reply with"
Click your video, and click on the blue button that says "use the chosen video"
When you return to the video - you'll now see your video response within the comments
6. Amazon.com
Way too many folks are undervaluing the uses of Amazon.com. many of us attend Amazon.com
to buy, so why not look to them, to ascertain if you'll enjoy their success.Now I should say
generally most of the people look to them for niche research. they appear to ascertain what
people are buying, then position themselves therein particular area to create a business.
But we will use them also for traffic ideas. There are a couple of ways to use Amazon, but my
favorite is that the "look inside" feature for his or her books.
The look inside feature allows you to ascertain different excerpts of a specific book. Not every
book will have this feature but those that do will have a goldmine of data for you.
This is how it works:
Type your niche within the Amazon search bar
Make sure the book has 4 out of 5 stars and has over 20 reviews (which just shows people are
buying it)
Click on the book and hover over the "look inside" feature
Click on table of contents (the table of contents are usually an inventory of titles that folks have
an interest in. Usually the author does plenty of research a few particular subjects before they
write a chapter about it)
Take each title within the table of contents (exactly how it is) and put it within the Google
Keyword Tool.
Choose an exact match within the Google Keyword Tool
Click submit: If your search returns over 3000 matches for any keyword globally than you've got
a winner. Three thousand matches indicate that a minimum of 100 people each day are
checking out your keywords. While three thousand is right , I even have even worked with
keywords with only 1000 searches, and have had an honest result
Take each keyword together with your desired number of searches (1000-3000) and write a
1000 or more word article about each keyword
Distribute your articles to article directories, content aggregators, break up sections of your
article and make Facebook fan page, and Twitter post, and make reports to offer away to your
email list if you've got one.
It’s important to recollect once you submit your content to article directories and content
aggregators that you simply include links at the top of your article leading back to your website.