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KG Math Lesson Plan - Shapes

Making of Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan: Identify shapes
Subject: Math
Date: 10 November
Level: LKG
Objective: Students will be able to
identify circles, squares, triangles, and
Topic: Shapes
Structure: Classroom
Time: 30 minutes
Vocab: English
Life-size cardboard cut-out of 2D shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle,
Computer and projector/screen
Musical video on shapes
Class set of Shape Jumble
Shape Jumble worksheets
Lesson Activities:
Teachers Activities:
Student Activities:
Watch music video & interactive
4 min
Interactive classwork with objects 8 min
Independent working
Point to the right object and
Colouring activity on sheets
8 min
Speed up in guided practice
8 min
Review and closing
Revision of concepts and song
5 min
Teacher & assistant walk in wearing large cardboard cut-outs of shapes around
their bodies.
Gather the students where they can watch the music videos.
Watch Shapes Song on screen.
After watching the videos, ask the students which shapes they noticed.
Tell students that today they will be learning about shapes and do some fun
Display a variety of real-world objects that show different kinds of shapes.
Name the shapes and have students repeat the shape names back to you.
Tell your students to sit in a circle.
Place a blue square, yellow circle, orange rectangle, green oval and red triangle
in the circle.
Tell your students that you will describe a shape and they are to guess which
one it is.
Proceed with the following prompts: something yellow with no sides,
something red with three sides, something blue with four corners, something
green with no sides and something orange with four sides.
Tell students that square, rectangles, and triangles all have corners. Have them
create two straight lines with their arms and join their fingers tips to create a
corner while repeating, "Corner."
Model making a circle with your hand and showing students that circles have no
sides or corners.
Ask students to think about how a circle is different from a square, and how a
square is different from a triangle.
Differentiated Plan:
Enrichment – Advanced students may create a picture using shapes.
Support - Struggling students may use a shape chart as they play the game and
complete their work. Some students may benefit from playing with the shapes
again in a small group.
Independent Working:
Have the students remain in a circle.
Hand out the Shape Jumble worksheet.
Read the instructions and model how to colour one or two of the shapes.
Ask your students to raise their hands if they understand what they will be
Dismiss them to work independently.
 During independent practice, the students should follow directions and
colour shapes accurately.
 Assess student understanding of shapes by noting which students are
unable to identify the shapes or struggling to complete the worksheet.
 Ask guiding questions such as "Which shape has four equal sides? Which
shape has three sides? How do you know?"
 Play one of the songs again on the interactive whiteboard.
 Ask the students to think about the different shapes.
 Invite the students to describe the shapes by their lines and corners.
Invite the students to think of other things they could do with shapes.
 Ask your students to volunteer what they will tell their parents about the
 Compliment your students on their hard work!