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Oxygen Administration

Anna V. Duffy
Module 15: Oxygenation
Collaborative Therapies: Oxygen Administration/Delivery Systems
 Oxygen requires a medical order. Decrease in O2 saturation in arterial blood indicate a need for supplemental O2.
 Flow rates of 4 L/min or greater than, humidification needs to be provided in order to prevent dryness of nasal mucosa.
 Nasal Cannula
Flow rate: 2-6 L/min
24-45% (FiO2)
 Simple Face Mask
Flow rate: 5 L/min to 8 L/min
40-50% (FiO2)
 Venturi Face Mask (Venti Mask)
Flow rate: 4-10 L/min
Varies from 24-50% (FiO2)
*Most precise. Set with specific O2
flow rate and jet adapter device*
Face Tent
*Facial trauma/burns, provides high humidification
 Partial Rebreather Mask
Flow rate: 6-10 L/min
40-60% (FiO2)
*Adjust O2 flow to keep revisor bag from deflating.
 100% Non-Rebreather Mask
Flow rate: 10-15 L/min
*Highest O2* 95-100% (FiO2)
*Keep bag reservoir bag 2/3 full and assess hourly