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Night Quiz CH 1
1. Why was Moshe the Beadle expelled from Sighet? He was a foreign Jew; all
foreigners were expelled.
2. How did the Jews of Sighet react to Moshe’s miraculous escape/experience?
They do not want to listen to him. They say he has gone mad and only wants
their pity.
3. When did the author first arrive at the concentration camp? Spring 1944
4. At what moment does Elie begin to hate the soldiers? “faster, faster, you lazy
5. For what does Moshe the Beadle pray? That God will give him the strength to
ask the right questions
Bonus: Who and tried to convince the Wiesels to escape to her house? Martha, a
former servant
Night Quiz CH 2
How were the Jews on the cattle car able to sit down? By agreeing to take turns
What image does Madam Schachter keep seeing in the distance? flames
Who is traveling with Madam Schachter? Her 10 year old son
How do the other Jews try to get her to be quiet? Beat and gag her
What was the name of the very first camp at which Elie and his family arrived?
Bonus: At what time do the Jews arrive at the camp? Midnight
Night CH 3 quiz
1. What happened to Elie’s mother and younger sister? They were separated from
Elie and Mr. Wiesel and sent to the crematory.
2. How does Elie react to his father being beaten? He tries to avoid being noticed so
that he is not beaten. He does not attempt to defend or help him.
3. What lie do Elie and his father tell the SS officers when they arrive? They lie
about their ages.
4. What sight shakes Elie’s faith more than any other? The burning of babies and
children in the crematories
5. During selections and moves from camp to camp, what is Elie’s main concern?
Not to be separated from his father
Bonus: What was the inscription above the iron door at the camp? Work is Liberty
Night Quiz CH 4
1. When Elie is forced to go to the dentist, how is able to save his gold crown? He
tells the dentist he is sick
2. How is Franek able to convince Elie to give up his gold crown? He torments and
beats Elie’s father because he can’t march in step.
3. Why were the three prisoners, including the sad-eyed angel, sentenced to death at
the gallows? They were smuggling arms.
4. What is Elie promised in exchange for his shoes? To be with his father
5. According to Elie’s thoughts after the hangings, where is God? On the gallows,
or dead.
Bonus: How does Elie say his soup tastes the night the young boy is killed? Like
Night CH 5
1. Why doesn’t Elie fast during Yom Kippur? His father forbade him, and he had
lost his faith in God and saw no reason to fast
2. When Elie’s father thinks he is about to be executed, what two things does he give
to Elie? Knife and spoon
3. Why does Elie have to have an operation? His foot is swollen and without the
operation his foot and leg may have needed amputation.
4. When the camp is evacuated, Elie and his father leave with the others. What
happened to the prisoners who stayed behind in the hospital? They were liberated
by the Russians
5. Describe the weather during the evacuation. Snowing and cold
Bonus: What is Elie’s identification number? A-7713
Night CH 6 Quiz
1. Describe the weather outside when Elie and the other Jews are being evacuated.
Snowy, icy, cold
2. What happens to Zalman, the young man running beside Elie at the beginning of
the evacuation?
He has a stomach ache, stops, and is trampled to death
3. Why does Mr. Wiesel warn Elie not to go to sleep in the snow? He may not wake
4. For whom is Rabbi Eliahou searching? His son
5. When the prisoners are forced into the dark shed during the night march, what
does Juliek do that is so unusual? Plays his violin
BONUS: How long did Elie stay at Gleiwitz? Three days
Night Quiz Chapter 7
1. Why does Elie try so desperately to wake his father up while they are on the
carriage? He is about to be taken for dead and thrown off the carriage.
2. What did the Germans throw to the men on the carriage that caused them to fight?
3. Who helps Mr. Wiesel rescue Elie from being strangled? Meir Katz
4. Name the camp at which Elie and his father have now arrived. Buchenwald
5. What did Elie and the other passengers eat instead of bread? snow
Bonus: How many people got off the train at the camp? A dozen
Night Quiz Chapters 8 and 9
1. What does Elie say is the worst thing his father could have, but he gives it to him
anyway? water
2. How does Elie feel when his father finally passes away? He feels a sense of
freedom. He is sad, but cannot weep for his father.
3. What is the last word that Elie hears his father say? Eliezer
4. When they were liberated, what was the first thing the Jews wanted to do? Eat
5. Why is Elie hospitalized at the end of the novel? Food poisoning
Bonus: What disease forces Elie’s dad into the hospital and eventually leads to his
death? Dysentery