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Required Task 10 preschool kindergarten

ECED 207: Management of Programs in Early Childhood
Name: C
​ hristine Vie Lumbaning
Year and Section: B
​ ECED 3A​ Mark: _______________________
This is what the Plaza Libertad Children’s Park looks like. The equipment is in very good
condition since this is a fairly new childrens playground, however I noticed that the floor size is quite
small and the number of playing equipment is very limited. The number of children that can play at a
time is affected by the number of equipment available. And although the floor is made of rubber, the
sloping end of the playground is not advisable since the child can slip when they misstep and this can
cause an injury to them. I can say that the playground is well planned but the needs of an atypical
child were not considered while planning this playground because there is little to none part of it that
is specifically designed for children with disabilities.
When planning an outdoor playground we should consider that this playground is not only
designed for typical children but also atypical children and the playground should cater every child’s
That is why when I made my outdoor playground plan I not only considered the playing
equipment that is included but also the equipment placement. These are the major considerations I
made when I made my playground plan:
● The size of the playground​- I believe that a playground should have a good amount
of space, since children’s love running and playing around they should be able to do so
if they have a big space.
● The construction of the playground including the floor mat, and the level of it
from the ground​- I believe that in order to avoid injury the playground should have
rubber floor mat and it should be level to the ground because the child is prone to
misstep since they are still practicing there balance and improving their gross motor
● The placement of the playing equipments​- I believe that the placement of the
equipment matter a lot because the improper placement of the equipment may cause
injury to the child and other people (example of placement that should avoid placing it
in front of the entrance/exit)
● The playground should be surrounded by a fence or small barricade​- I believe
that putting barricades around the playground is important especially if the playground
is near the street. This is an extra safety to the child because they can’t go out into the
street without their guardian.