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Larsen-Freeman, D. (2000). Techniques and principles in language teaching. Oxford,
NY: Oxford University Press.
It is a good book for beginning teachers to overview teaching methods. The writer
provides real in-class cases as orientations for teachers to see teaching procedures in
action. Each chapter comes with teaching methodologies intrudeuced with
observation, principles, techniques and activities.
My favorite part in the book is Reviewing the principles in the end of each chapter.
Writer lists 10 questions to stregthen my background knowledge. You can know
how to respond to students’ errors.
Elkin, S. (2008). 100 Ideas for Teaching Communication, Language and Literacy
(100 Ideas for the Early Years). London, UK: Continuum International
Publishing Group.
The book reminds me CLT does not only focus on speaking proficiency but interaction
in both spoken and written languages skills. The writer lists 100 teaching activities
easy and practical for teachers to conduct in writing and speaking.
The writer is an educational journalist with teaching experiences. The teaching
ideas she provides in the book is quite useful to stimulate ss’ learning as well.
I recommond the part at the end of each idea, the writer offers further help to
facilitate the activities. You may take a look at idea 26 which is an open question,
good topic to train ss communication.