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the 11 59

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11:59 By Patricia C.
• So one place is at the train station and
there are trains and train tracks.
• The other is at Lester’s house.
Point Of View
• The point of view is the narrators point
of view.
• Because the narrator is telling the story
from the their own perspective. Not the
characters perspective.
• Lester is my favorite character.
• The reason I chose Lester as my favorite
character for a couple reasons.
• One reason I chose Lester as my
favorite character is because he knows
that if you here the 11:59 you will die in
24 hours and not one person has
escaped it but like he said I got to try.
• I think the theme for the 11:59 is that death is unavoidable
and life is just a ticking watch with one battery
• “unus annus”
• Exposition-introduces Lester and who
he is.
• (I don’t know if I am allowed to add a
inciting incident but im going to
because it helps me) Inciting Incident”Aint no way to escape the final ride on
the 11:59”
• Rising Action-everybody is talking about
the 11:59 and is wondering were some
old friends are and they boarded the
• Conflict-Lester hears the whistle of the 11:59
• Climax- Lester knows that not a single person has escaped the 11:59
but he wants to try.
• Falling Action-After all the precautions that Lester had taken he
doesn’t escape the 11:59
• Resolution- Lester boards the 11:59
• I would recommend this story for many reasons
• But to save some time the main reason is that it teaches a great
lesson and is very entertaining.