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Measuring the Quality of Life
Life Expectancy
Literacy Rate
❑ This is the number of
❑ This is the measure of
years that a baby can be
the population over 15
expected to live under
years old who can read
the current living
and write
❑ In developing / 3rd
❑ People who have the
world countries, less
basic needs for a good
than 10% of children
quality life – proper
get as far as secondary
health care, clean
water, abundant food
❑ In some countries, for
supply – live longer
example, Afghanistan,
(about 60 – 70 years)
girls do not get to
than those who do not
attend school.
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Earning Power
❑ Per capita income is
the average amount of
money earned by each
person in a country per
❑ It is calculated by
dividing all the money
earned in a country in
a year by the number
of people in that