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Sustainable Development Goals Lesson 1 No Poverty

What’s the goal?
To end all types of
poverty by 2030
Why is poverty worse for children?
• Poor children don’t get
enough food, so they
don’t grow properly.
• Poor children don’t get
good health services.
• Poor children often don’t
get good education.
• Many poor children have
to work to help their
families survive, so they
can’t go to school and get
• Poor children often grow
up to become poor adults,
and can’t escape poverty.
Did You Know?
Even if a person has a job, they can still be poor.
Many people in the world have jobs but don’t get
enough money to pay for a home, health services,
food, education for their children, and things like
electricity, water and clothing. So, it is possible to
have a job and still be very poor. Sadly, 8% of the
world’s workers and their families are in this situation.
Why Do We Need To End Poverty?
• Poverty has the worst effects on children.
• 700 million/ 10% of the world population
live in extreme poverty.
• Poor people can’t get things like health
services, education, and clean water.
• Are there many poor people in Japan?
Quick Quiz
How many people are
affected by poverty in
the world?
2.5 billion
3.700 million
Class Discussion Questions
1. What should governments and societies do to help
poor people?
2. Do you think that ordinary people, like you and me,
can do things to help poor people in our
3. What we can we do to assist poor people in our