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Names: Juliana Morales, Francisco Espinoza, Adriel Romero, James Robles, Emily Arias.
Course: 1 BGU “A”
The legendary history of Rome begins in Troy.
Or at least that is how Roman parents
explained to their children the origin of the
country. And this is how Titus Livy and
Dionysius of Halicarnassus begin their Roman
stories, taking the legend as a reference.
The city of Rome arose from the settlements
of Latin, Sabine and Etruscan tribes, the first
inhabitants of Rome being located on the
seven hills, at the confluence between the
Tiber River and the Via Salaria, 28 km from
the Tyrrhenian Sea. In this place the Tiber
has an island where the river can be crossed
The army consists of Roman infantry
units known as legions, as well as allied
troops made up of non-Roman citizens
known as auxiliary troops. In the final
phase of the Roman army, military
service continued to be salaried and
professional for regular troops.
Rome: Was founded in 753 B.C by
Romulus and Remus. Roma was built on
seven Rolling hills at a curve on the Tiber
river , near the center of the Italian
Peninsula . It was Midway between the
ALPS and Italy's southern tip. On the
other hand, it is important to mention
that the Colosseum was built with
materials of excellent quality, such as
blocks of travertine, wood, brick, stone,
concrete, stucco and marble.
The classical tradition expresses that
the city was founded in 753 BC. C. on
the banks of the Tiber river by
legendary characters sons of Rea Silvia
and the god Mars; These two boys
were abandoned on the banks of the
Tiber River. The Roman Empire as a
political system arose after the civil
wars in the Roman territory many of
the great and important cities of today
were founded.}