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ASIBUQUE Reflection # 1 (Final)

College of Education
DATE: August 14, 2020
Reflective questions:
1. Explain the Latin definition of curriculum.
In this part I understand now the meaning of the curriculum in which it comes from the
Latin word “Currere” which means “to run a race”, and like the meaning, it is hard to make
a curriculum whether it is in the subject English, MAPEH, Filipino, and etc. The curriculum
is used as the guideline of a topic or a certain lesson that you need to discuss in a subject.
In the case of a student in the English subject for example, when you finished that lessons
that is stated in the curriculum, it is like a race for us and we will win the race when we
finished that subject or even the school years.
2. Why is written curriculum sometimes not religiously taught? Give at least three
First because we have or it is part of a hidden curriculum that is not planned or even
written in the curriculum, and it is part of the cultural ideas that we don’t want to discuss
in a classroom.
Second, this kind of topic is very sensitive not just for the teachers, but also for the
students because in the classroom we have different students who have different beliefs
about their own religion.
Third, it depends if you are a part of sectarian institution, which means this school is
affiliated with a certain religion. Such as if they are a catholic school or so, and next is a
non-sectarian which means the school is not affiliated in a religion.
3. The Hidden Curriculum
 The hidden curriculum is the “unintended curriculum.” It consists of those
learning experiences, both negative and positive, that are not part of the
intended curriculum but that result in changes in the attitudes, beliefs, and
values of students. The teacher must be constantly aware of the hidden
curriculum that may be communicated or modeled in his/her classroom.
What to do: Give an example of hidden curriculum that you have experienced
in school. Use the back page for your answer.
For this part, yes. I already have an experience about this and actually happened last
semester only. When we took the ZGE 1109 – Life’s and Works of Rizal and I don’t
want to mention my Professor’s name because of the data privacy, there is a lesson
that focuses about the Social Contact Theory, in that time he added the topic about
the Politics. In that particular period or topic he now discussed his political sides that
he is against the administration of Duterte, or in short he is ANTI DDS. He discussed
his side like he is not in favor of the programs that President Duterte signed or
implemented, such as Extra Judicial Killing and the other programs that he didn’t want