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20-21 English 2 Syllabus

English 2 Syllabus
Mrs. Lozoya
Instructor Contact Information
Tutorial Times
Instructor: Mallory Lozoya
Room #: 209
Conference: 6th (1:32-2:19)
E-mail: Mallory.Lozoya@redoakisd.org
Phone: 972-617-3535 ext. 6209
Mrs. Lozoya is available for tutorials
every morning from 7:50-8:15.
Afternoons by appointment only;
please arrive by 4:15 (physically or
digitally) to afternoon tutorials.
Materials Needed
Students will need the following
1. Pen or pencil
2. 1 inch binder with 5 divider tabs
(can also be a digital binder)
3. Lined paper
4. Highlighters or colored pencils
Course Description
Welcome to Mrs. Lozoya’s English II class! This year you will be building on the skills you learned in English I by reading
world literature, including: poetry, short stories, novels, dramas, informational texts, and digital/visual media; writing and
creating in genres such as narrative, fiction, poetry, informational, persuasive, literary analysis, and digital media; as well as
developing literacy skills through analysis, discussion, and research.
Essential Questions and Focus
1st 6 Weeks
4th 6 Weeks
2nd 6 Weeks
5th 6 Weeks
3rd 6 Weeks
6th 6 Weeks
EQ: What effect do we have on our environment, and how does our
environment affect us? How do changes around us reveal who we
Focus: Informational and nonfiction
EQ: How do we engage with others while staying true to ourselves?
Focus: Researching, Synthesizing, and Producing in Multiple
Genres and Modes
EQ: How does our point of view shape what we think we know?
Focus: Personal narratives & independent reading
EQ: What is the definition of true power?
Focus: Literary texts (short fiction and poetry)
EQ: What do we need to feel free?
Focus: Persuasive
Focus: Multiple genres
Students are expected to regularly attend the class. Regularly missing class will make it difficult to keep up with content.
Please follow the attendance policy in place from the district.
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes cheating or copying the work of another student, unapproved use of technology including cell
phones, plagiarism, and unauthorized communication between students during an examination. Students guilty of academic
dishonesty shall receive no credit (a zero) for the assignment in question. This assignment may be reattempted to receive a
score of UP TO a 50 if submitted within a set date.
English 2 Syllabus
Mrs. Lozoya
Classroom Expectations
Class Policies and Procedures
Members of the class must demonstrate respect to all class
participants. As individuals with our own beliefs and values
we will not always agree about everything; however, we must
show one another the respect we would expect in return. We
will discuss and clarify what respect looks like in class.
Members of the class will put forth 100% of what they can
give that day. We will all have off days, but it’s important to
try our best.
Members of the class will arrive on time to class with all
needed materials.
The instructions for class will be on the board at the
beginning of class each day. Please come in prepared and
ready to learn.
Cell phones will be placed in the cell phone holder in the
back of the room for all tests and exams.
Leaving the classroom will be limited by bathroom passes;
you will receive 2 bathroom passes every six weeks.
Bathroom passes are worth 5 bonus points each if you
choose not to use them.
Late Work and Missing Work
Late work: The expectation is that all students will turn in
their own work on the date it is due, even if it is incomplete,
every time.
On assignments, you will have the opportunity to correct,
add to, and/or revise your work after it is graded or receives
feedback if you are dissatisfied with your grade or feel it does
not represent your best effort.
Missing work: In the event of an absence, you will have
exactly one day per absence to make up all missed
assignments. Class work, assignments, and resources can be
found on our class Canvas page; please check Canvas before
asking Mrs. Lozoya what you missed.
Grades are broken into class work (50%), and tests (50%). There will be a minimum of
2 test grades and 8 class work grades per six weeks.
Because of the higher levels of learning th
my students to cooperate with the class r
receives the best education possible. How
with accordingly:
1st offense: Private discussion with the s
2nd offense: Contact parent/guardian.
3rd offense: Detention.
4th offense: Referral.
Assignments will gradually increase in point values as we move through a unit.
Students and parents are encouraged to check Skyward often for grade updates. If you
have questions and/or concerns about grades, please contact Mrs. Lozoya.
Note: This system may change due to the severity
To sign the syllabus, please scan the QR code to the right, or click this link.
English 2 Syllabus
Mrs. Lozoya