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Postcard Plant adaptations

AP Bio Plant Adaptations Postcard Assignment
Due: _________
1. Form groups of 4 students.
2. Count off #1-4. Each student is assigned two biomes.
Student #1 Desert and Tropical Rain Forest
Student #2 Grassland and Taiga
Student #3 Tundra and Temperate Rain Forest
Student #4 In Water and Temperate Deciduous Forest
3. Visit the Biology of Plants: Plant Adaptations Web Site. Type in the address
below or visit the link on my web page.
4. Create two postcards. One card for each of the biomes that you have been
The back side of the card will contain information about three
adaptations that are specific to the plants in your biome. Feel free to
be creative when describing the adaptations. In other words, act like
you are really writing to a friend while vacationing.
The front of the card will have a colored picture of the various types
of vegetation that characterizes your biome. The pictures can be
drawn by hand or cut and pasted from the internet. The three
adaptations that you have summarized on the back side of the card
should be clearly identified. The name of the biome should be on the
front of the card as well.
Microsoft Publisher has a postcard template. Please use the 5.5 inch X
4.25 inch template. If you do not use the template then please be sure
that your card has the dimensions indicated above.
5. You will be sharing your postcards with the other members of your group so
everyone becomes knowledgeable about many different plant adaptations .