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How useful are the video reviews over text reviews while doing online shopping.

How useful are the video reviews over text reviews while
doing online shopping?
The introduction of the internet has taken the world by storm, helping us reach out and explore
genres with just a touch of our finger. Shopping is being seen in a whole new light because of
the introduction of online shopping. Today, rather than go from shop to shop and spend hours
trying to find a perfect product, we can buy what we want just by a simple touch. From clothes
to electronic devices to groceries, anything and almost everything can be bought online.
Online shopping opens doors to possibilities of scams and hence people are weary while
deciding to purchase products online. During the introductory phase of online shopping, a lot of
people could be seen voicing their disappointment of the purchases recieved. Reviews and
complains about differences in colour and shape could be seen under third party products of
sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Hence, people began to pay more attention and research the
internet before shopping online to find reviews of the items and the brands in order to verify
the authenticity and quality. During the initial stages, sites only focused on text reviews, but as
time passed by photographic and video reviews were made available. Studies show that most
people take into consideration video recommendations while shopping online.
In regards to online shopping, video reviews are 90% more effective than written
recommendations. This explains the increase of influencers and rise in video reviewers on
online platforms like YouTube and Instagram. People are more likely to believe what they see
rather than what they hear, and hence video reviews enable a more trustworthy approach in
the minds of the audience. Video reviews enable the customers to have a visual view of the
product, it's colour, it's texture and it's size in order to gain perspective about the product and
how it would look in the real world rather than under the lens of a skillful photographer. A lot
of people first look up reviews on Google, and since the inclusion of videos in search results,
video reviews have a higher rate of being watched. A lot of brands and businesses have now
begun the inclusion of video reviews in order to create a comfortable platform for
communicating with the customer. Video reviews help bring customers to brands that are more
suitable to them. With in depth reviews and experience offerings of the reviewers, it helps
people choose sites that match their taste and values. Several online sites and YouTube
channels that are solely based on giving visual reviews regarding brands, products and all
aspects of online shopping have now come into existence with a rise in demand for it.
The downside of text reviews is that they open up more room for misinterpretation, which is
eliminated in video reviews. Often times text reviews are written in complicated language that
makes it difficult for people with lower education to understand it. Also, technical terms
regarding to the particular product can often times not be understood by the customer. Text
reviews have no proof backing their claims and hence are more difficult to believe. Reviews
with contrasting opinions can further confuse the customer since there is no visual
representation for the readers to create their own opinion regarding the same.
In contrast to text, video reviews are more honest since the product being sold can't be
manipulated or shown in false light. People tend to have more faith in products that have a
video review as compared to reviews in textual form. Since verbal and visual communication
takes place, it instills a feeling of trust in the minds of the customers watching. The viewers get
a real time view of the products which makes it easier for them to make a decision. Often times
pictures can be misleading, therefore by seeing the product in different angles through a video
review will give customers a more real look at the product and will help them understand
suitable features that best fit their intended purchase. Hence brands have begun putting effort
into creating partnerships with influencers and other famous personalities in order to increase
the reach of their product through video reviews. Clothes shopping sites like Myntra have
begun using video descriptions in order to give customers a visual look at how their intended
purchases will look while being worn.
The main downside to online shopping is it's lack of opportunity to access the product in order
to ensure whether it is to one's liking. Though video reviews donot completely eliminate this
problem, they are the best source to expel many of these doubts. Hence video reviews are far
more useful when compared to text reviews as their ability to give a visual representation of
the product creates a trustworthy platform for customers to shop online, being a win-win
situation for both parties as they increase sales and help customers save time.
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