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By Sheridan Le Fanu
A lesbian criticism
Daniela Flores
Sheridan Le Fanu
• Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish writer of ghost stories
and mystery novels, celebrated for his ability to evoke the
ominous atmosphere of a haunted house.
Born Aug. 28, 1814, Dublin, Ire.— Died Feb. 7, 1873, Dublin.
A little bit about the story…
• Narrated by a teenage girl named Laura
• For years she has lived alone with her father and is
terribly lonely.
• She is looking forward to a visit from a girl her own age,
but is disappointed when her friend’s uncle, General
Spielsdorf, sends a bizarre letter which tells of his niece’s
unexpected death.
• Laura’s loneliness is ended when a carriage overturns
outside her castle.
• Carmilla, slightly injured.
• Carmilla and Laura become great friends.
Main characters
• Also known as Mircalla and Millarca
• Vampire from an old aristocratic family
• Beautiful young woman
• Antagonist
• Protagonist and narrator
• Adolescent victim of Carmilla
Carmilla to Laura
-“You are mine, you shall be
mine, you and I are one forever.”
- “I have been in love with no
one, and never shall," she
whispered, "unless it should be
with you."
“I have been in love with no one, and never shall," she
whispered, "unless it should be with you."
How beautiful she looked in the moonlight!
Shy and strange was the look with which she quickly
hid her face in my neck and hair, with tumultuous sighs,
that seemed almost to sob, and pressed in mine a hand
that trembled.
Her soft cheek was glowing against mine. "Darling,
darling," she murmured, "I live in you; and you would
die for me, I love you so."
I started from her.
She was gazing on me with eyes from which all fire, all
meaning had flown, and a face colorless and apathetic.
"Is there a chill in the air, dear?" she said drowsily. "I
almost shiver; have I been dreaming? Let us come in.
Come; come; come in.”
• Le Fanu’s presentation of the character
allure was so well executed that readers
couldn’t help but finding themselves
seduced. And, with just cause. No one
has seen a character like Carmilla before,
whose sensuality was a key to her
presentation as her savagery. Rather
than shun what she represented, people
were drawn to it, and a cultural
obsession followed.
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