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genes, genomes, chromosomes hw

Homework task: Due Monday the 2nd of November:
Page 420 questions in Biology book > a base to help you differentiate between important
Page 427: question 4> steps of human genome project
Teacher questions:
Human Genome:
1. Which nucleotide is known as the terminating nucleotide and why? Explain.
2. What is the initiator of the DNA polymerase?
3. How is the DNA initially separated?
4. How does the electrophoresis system sort out the DNA according to sizes?
5. Why does DNA polymerase extend at a certain point?
6. How does the human genome allow the early detection and diagnosis of human
7. Give an example of a disease causing gene that could be detected early apart from
8. Not all gene functions have been detected. How does the human genome help scientists
further investigate more about gene functions? Give 3 examples.
9. How does the comparison of DNA and amino acid sequences help deduce evolutionary
relationships between organisms?
10. Why do changes in amino acid sequences occur?
11. Why do you think many species have the ‘cytochrome c’ protein in their system?
12. What are 4 benefits of DNA sequencing?
13. Explain how the arrangement of nucleosomes contribute to DNA?
14. Why do spacers exist in DNA strands?
15. Which term describes the sets of chromosomes in a cell?
16. Which chromosome is responsible for hair colour? What is the locus for hair colour on
the chromosome. Illustrate it too.
17. Which pattern is apparent as we move from metacentric chromosomes across to
telocentric chromosomes? Refer to the p and q arms.