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Complain in a
My soup is cold.
My spoon is dirty.
My potatoes are hard.
The bill isn’t correct.
I ordered salad, not chips.
The steak is burnt.
Can I have some water please?
The wine is horrible.
I’m very sorry.
I’ll change it immediately.
Yes of course.
We have a problem in the kitchen.
You are having dinner at Dawn’s Delicious Bistro.
The food is horrible and the service is terrible.
Put the conversations in the correct order.
____Waiter: I’m very sorry, I’ll change it immediately.
____You: Excuse me, waiter!
____You: My pizza is burnt and my chips are cold.
____Waiter: Yes Sir
____ Waiter: I’ll bring a clean one.
____You: My spoon is dirty.
____ Waiter: Yes Madam
____ you: excuse me waiter.
____ you: Yes, I ordered chips not salad.
____ waiter: I’m sorry Sir, I’ll bring your chips.
____ waiter: Yes, is there a problem?
____ waiter: Yes madam
____ you: Excuse me waiter!
____ you: I ordered 30 minutes ago
____ waiter: I’m sorry, I’ll bring your food now.
Practice the conversations with a friend