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Damanique Johnson
Comm 1100 - eCore
Organizing and Outline Assignment
Global Warming effects on the Earth
Global warming is a very serious issue that is always affecting everyone. It is seen
all over the news and internet how global warming is making it harder for us to live
on earth. This is something that everyone should pay close attention to. Global
warming is the increase in the earth temperature over time that is caused by rising
levels in carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. These greenhouse gases began
warming up the earth in the 1830’s. In this speech I will be talking about the many
affects that global warming has on Earth such as carbon pollution, frequent and
severe weather, and high sea levels. To reduce the speed at which global warming is
going everyone in the world would have to change a lot of the habits that they have.
First, I am going to explain the negative effects of carbon dioxide pollution in the
air. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse that absorbs and radiates heat. According to
Christina Nunez in her article called Carbon dioxide levels are at a record high.
Here's what you need to know it says “Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide—the
most dangerous and prevalent greenhouse gas—are at the highest levels ever
recorded. Greenhouse gas levels are so high primarily because humans have released
them into the air by burning fossil fuels. The gases absorb solar energy and keep heat
close to Earth's surface, rather than letting it escape into space. That trapping of heat
is known as the greenhouse effect.” With this information it shows how carbon
dioxide pollution is having such a negative affect on us. We should try to reduce the
amount of pollution that we put out in the world by doing things like walking or bike
riding to places that are too far or carpooling. The growing changes are having crazy
effects on the weather that we are used to seeing.
Next, I am going to talk about the frequent and severe weather patterns that are
changing. The weather is we know today is beginning to make drastic turns. The
storms are starting to become even more powerful than ever. In the article Effects of
Global Warming by Alina Bradford it explains, "Since the most damage by far comes
from the most intense hurricanes — such as typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in
2013 — this means that hurricanes could become overall more destructive," said
Sobel, a Columbia University professor in the departments of Earth and
Environmental Sciences, and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. (Hurricanes
are called typhoons in the western North Pacific, and they're called cyclones in the
South Pacific and Indian oceans.)” This is something very significant because
hurricanes affect how we live. If they are getting stronger, they will destroy more
homes and kill even more people. There’s a lot of damage already being done right
now. If the weather continues to intensify, what will be left on Earth?
Damanique Johnson
Comm 1100 - eCore
Organizing and Outline Assignment
Now I will speak about the sea levels increasing because of the melting ice caps.
The Earth is warming up so much that things were used are starting to disappear.
From the text Effect of Global warming by Alina Bradford it states, “Global sea
levels have risen about 8 inches since 1870, according to the EPA, and the rate of
increase is expected to accelerate in the coming years. If current trends continue,
many coastal areas, where roughly half of the Earth's human population lives, will be
inundated.” This is very alarming for people who stay close to water. Soon it will
become unsafe to even be near the water without fearing being swept away. This ruin
some the everyday things that people do today. We should all make more of an effort
to keep the Earth clean.
The things that we do everyday plays a vital role in the lives of others. We are not
just on our own individual Earth’s. Anything we do affects someone. Maybe not intentionally
but it sometimes happens. The purpose of this Speech was to inform other about the affects that
global warming has on the world. The things like carbon dioxide pollution, frequent and sever
weather increasing, and higher sea levels are all changes we should pay more attention to. The
next time we turn on a car or even just simply turn on the air conditioner think about the role you
play in society.
Damanique Johnson
Comm 1100 - eCore
Organizing and Outline Assignment
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