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Command words

Command words
1- Read the glossary of command words used in AS & A Level Information Technology in the
- Done
2- On your own, choose five command words (of which at least one must be either discuss,
analyse or evaluate).
- Analyse: It is a command word that examines closely and study something carefully
- Describe: it is a command word that gives a detailed account of the features or
characteristics of something without interpreting the information.
- Discuss: it is a command word that presents and gives a judgement on the value of
arguments for and arguments against and a conclusion at the end, that is, it considers all
- Evaluate: it is a command word that judges, criticises and investigates the implications in
terms of the advantages and disadvantages of something.
- Examine: it is a command word that inspects and scrutinize carefully or makes clear the
details or meaning of something, looking in particular at reasons, causes and effects;
account for; give reasons; justify
3- Write a short description of an activity that will help your learners to understand each of the
command words.
Our school wants to create a Campus Area Network to interconnect all students in the campus
to the internet.
a- Describe the conditions necessary for this to take place.
b- Evaluate the extent to which the Campus Area Network will impact learning
c- Discus the ways in which the network administrator will manage the bandwidth
Wordwall.net is a good site to make student better learn about command words