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Our Town Scrapbook Project

AP Composition
Fall Semester
Our Town
Our Town Scrapbook Project
Take a walking tour of Claremont. Visit at least 8 of the 12 sites pictured/
described on the attached pages (The cemetery is a required stop). Then, select,
research, and visit 4 other historic sites for Claremont that are not in the packet. Take a
picture of yourself in front of each of the 12 total sites (8 chosen from attached pages, 4
additional). Make sure you are far enough away so that the building/location is clearly
visible and identifiable. You will need an assistant (parents make great assistants), or
the amazing goodwill of strangers for this (no, your arms won’t be long enough
#noselfies #nonarcissticks).
Create a scrapbook using Adobe Spark Page with an original/creative title. Also
you must write and include your own original poem(s) related to modernism and the
play. For each photo, include information about the site and the date of the building
where appropriate. All researched information should be properly cited. Then, for each
location, write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) in which you respond and reflect on the
site and then make a connection to the town of Grover’s Corners and the story and/or
characters in Our Town.
Finally, visit the Claremont cemetery located on Sycamore Ave. south of Arrow
Hwy. and east of Indian Hill Blvd. Using the information about the founding fathers and
the names of the original Pomona College faculty, see if you can locate at least two
family burial areas for these original families. Take photo of yourself at the cemetery and
of the headstones/markers containing these names. (The cemetery is a required stop.)
Finally, include a 150-200 word reflection that shares insights about life and the passage
of time gleaned from your historical tour of Claremont, and your study of Thornton
Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning play.
You are permitted to work with one partner, if you like, but each of you must write
your own poem and reflection for the project. You will have time in-class to work on this,
but be sure you have brought something with you so you can make that time productive.
This might be having already taken pictures or typing up descriptions, research, or
Sites/Images/Descriptions/Cited Research
Overall presentation/design/organization
/24 pts (2 pts each)
/12 pts
/8 pts (4 pts each)
/6 pts
Due Date: Friday, 12/21/18
/50 pts