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Your reliable ICT solutions partner
Your reliable ICT solutions partner
We want you to focus on getting on with your business and let the experts at
Dandemutande look after your critical IT platforms. Our unique proactive approach to
maintenance and support delivers continued high performance, availability, and security.
Dandemutande can operate the technical elements of your entire facility through our
highly customized Service Level Agreements. We also supply teams of technical
personnel to operate your systems to the highest standards where compliance and high
availability are paramount.
Why sign up for Dandemutande Managed IT Services?
Dedicated 24/7 phone, ticket, and chat support
System network administration
Incident investigation, diagnosis, resolution and recovery
Access to up-do date infrastructure, resources, and knowledge
Rapid response to site requirements
Improved enterprise performance
Proactive alerting for detected issues
Reduced labour costs, risk and downtime
24/7 monitored and managed ticket system
Managed Solutions Offerings
Managed Backup and Storage:
Dandemutande backup solutions will ensure that your data is backed up and protected.
Our team of specialists will manage everything from hardware and system failures,
human error, and virus infection to the backup process itself. Services range as follows:
Monitoring Services:
We offer a fully detailed comprehensive view of every aspect of your network and IT
environment. From port monitoring, application and database monitoring,
Dandemutande’s Monitoring Services allow your business to track down failures,
security breaches, and inefficiencies on your platform.
IT Services and Consultation:
We provide need-based consultancy services to our customers as follows:
Network Audits
For ensuring reliability and functionality of your business’s network we do health checks
through analysis, study and gathering of data. We provide reports and
recommendations after the audits.
A Dedicated Engineer
You will have a dedicated resource who works daily with your staff at your location,
becoming intimately familiar with your unique processes and requirements, your
network specific configurations and challenges.
Our Managed services portfolio is customized with other solutions and services that
help transform your business with efficient, value-added services as follows:
Managed Security Services:
Security is one of our core focus points when hosting your servers and network.
We give you the benefit of having our security experts manage your firewall and
intrusion detection.
Application Development and Support:
We provide complete end to end application development, deployment,
administration, maintenance for enhanced IT systems. Based on your requirements,
write specifications and design.
Hardware as a Service (HaaS):
We offer short and long-term leasing of hardware for your convenience. This includes
up-to-date equipment, software, and reduction of additional cost and maintenance.
Remote Smart Hands:
This involves management of critical infrastructure and networks by our high-level IT
experts. This involves remote monitoring of networks, servers, and checking and
report on security alerts. Management of colocation equipment, rack, and stack,
circuit testing, complex cable configurations, equipment testing, setting up a firewall,
concentrated troubleshooting.
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Your reliable ICT solutions partner