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Marker assisted selection by Ankit

SUBJECT: Assignment on the concept and applications of
marker assisted selection in animal breeding.
Course Name: Biotech 422
Submitted to: Dr. C.S. Mukhopadhyay
Submitted by: Ankit
Content: Marker assisted selection
Application of marker assisted selection
List of abbreviations: MAS- marker assisted selection
RFLP- Restriction fragment length polymorphism
RAPD- Random amplified polymorphic DNA
DNA- Deoxyribonucleic acid
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marker assisted selection
When genetic marker data are included in the selection criteria
for animal breeding, this process is referred to as markerassisted selection.
In conventional breeding system selection of animals for
breeding was done by the phenotypic characters of the
In conventional breeding system does not allow the selection
for all kinds of trait and it can be affected by environment
whereas, Marker assisted selection (MAS) is not affected by the
This is very helpful for the improvement of the traits and
undesirable traits can be easily eliminated by marker assisted
Marker assisted selection is an indirect selection process where
the trait of interest is selected based on the marker linked to a
trait of interest instead of the trait itself.
Examples of markers used are RFLP, RAPD etc.
Steps in marker assisted selection: 1. Selection of parents.
2. Development of breeding population
3. Isolation of DNA
4. Scoring RFLF
5. Correlation with morphological traits
Applications of marker assisted selection.
-Markers used
o Type I markers –RFLP markers
o Type II markers- microsatellite
-A molecular marker allows direct identification of gene of
-It provides sufficient markers for construction map using
linkage analysis.
-Marker assisted selection is an improvement from the
conventional breeding system rather than a replacement of it.
-Marker assisted selection helps for genetic improvement
through: 
higher selection intensity
reduction in generation interval
increase the accuracy of prediction
selection possible in early life
sex-limited and carcass trait
-It is useful in gene pyramiding for disease resistance.
-It improves quality of characters.