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Courtesy means being polite and treating others with equal respect as you would
treat yourself. In a simple word, courtesy is being polite whne it comes to
communicate with other people. As our country is developing, the citizens need to
be more courtesy, and polite to the others.
NEGATIVE behaviour by some ugly Malaysians prove that there is an urgent need to
revisit or review the national campaign to promote courtesy and noble values among
the people. The media play a central role in informing the public about what happens
in the world, particularly in those areas in which audiences do not possess direct
knowledge or experience. In this context, media should organize campaign on
courtesy so that the awareness about the importance in upholding courtesy can be
implemented. How do the media organize a campaign to raise awareness in
A media campaign is a series of coordinated activities aimed at achieving a specific
goal over a set period of time, with outcomes that can be tracked and measured.
People nowadays are more attracted to graphical information. Online campaign can
be organized by using hashtag and make it trending in the world. Hashtag campaign
such as #smallActPaysYouBig #LetsCourtesy sould be done. By sharing this
hashtags, people around the world will together try to make this campaign succed,
and this leads to raising awareness in every heart of people.
Next,The awareness in upholding courtesy can be raised in every people in the
community by creating an interesting ads about the campaign and displaying it on
media such as tv or media platform such as YouTube. Good animation and great
background music of the video acts as attention grabber. Catchy sounds of the video
Besides that, interesting and captivating posters with good animation and graphic
should be displayed in social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Messages and infographic must be colourful and attractive to catch people’s eyes. A
great way of presentation play a significant role in forming and influencing people's
attitudes and behaviour. The most important is, the information about the importance
of being courtesy should be delivered in the best way. This type of post than can be
share by thousands of social media users in just a blink of an eye. Besides that , an
interesting journalism should be uploaded online so that,