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What did I learn from the 8
#1. The Red Shoes
Hans Christian Andersen
Karen lost her mother because she
cared too much about being pretty
(the red shoes), the excessive
attention on the vanity she lost
everything. However, as long as we‘re
brave enough to admit what we've
done wrong, there's always a chance
for us to repay.
#3. The Old Grandfather and
his Little Grandson
#2. The Goose with the
Golden Eggs
A man and his wife killed a goose that
laid golden eggs to secure the whole
store of precious metal at once but
they got nothing because of greedy.
Sometimes when we want more we
lose more.
#4. The Thirsty Crow
Dimple Kothari
Everyone gets old one day, when we
see the old people we should care for
them more instead of despising them.
Young people should understand the
elders because of the way we treated
them it might be our turn next time.
When we grow older, the challenges
would be much bigger and harder.
Just like the thirsty crow if there‘re
barriers blocking us from goals, try to
change the usual way of thinking it
might bring us to the successful. Give
up or continue, think differently will
lead to a different result.
#5. The Singing Bone
#6. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Beth Hanh
The common saying, "Good will be
rewarded with good, and evil with
evil", this is what I've learned from
the story. One must be honest and
kind, those who lie will one day be
punished. When it's yours, it won't go
elsewhere but don't try to grab what
is not yours.
This story reminds me of "integrity".
One must have integrity as a
foundation of being a human. A
person with integrity will be trusted
by leaders, relatives, and friends. If a
person loses his integrity, then he will
lose everything, even freedom, and
his life.
#7. The Farmer and the Viper
#8. The Adventures of
Carlo Collodi
In life, I need to learn the spirit of the
farmer and help those in need.
However, not everyone is worth for
help. Helping good people will be
rewarded, but helping wrong or bad
people may lose our lives just like the
farmer. We need to remember one
thing, not all efforts will be rewarded.
It's a story about a marionette
become a real boy at the end of his
adventures. It shows how a person
changed from imperfection to
perfection, we know not everyone is
born in perfection, we all need
improvements to make us better.