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Managerial Communication Brand Stories

Brand Story 1
A time when you were under immense pressure and how you got through with it.
Last year, I was working as a Project Management Specialist for a shipping company, leading the TransAsia 18 drydocking project. Having already calculated an already tight but accurate project duration to be
6 months, the CEO insisted the project to be finished within 4 months, which the team believed to be
Coordination and monitoring were a big part of my role, from checking-in with suppliers to minimize
delays to the delivery of key components which was crucial to the sequence of work schedule - having to
factor in weather conditions, to roaming around the ship to check the progress of the workers. It was a
big ship in Philippines standards, and I had to roam around an average of 6 inspections per day.
I gave my 100% effort and focus to the point of exhaustion to try and meet the deadline, to eliminate
travel time from the hotel to the sea port, I slept on-board the ship, considering the ungodly work hours
and 4-6 hour sleep average daily. Despite the hardships, the ship’s crew, contractors, and I became close,
celebrating reached milestones over drinking sessions, as my treat and appreciation to them. They
recognized my efforts and that is why they also did the same by giving their 100%.
The project was completed within 5 months’ time, 1 month ahead of schedule but 1 month behind the
target. The CEO appreciated our efforts because he recognized our hardwork and dedication to try and
meet his target.
Differentiator – Realistic and People Person
Brand Story 2
Describe a time when you had to learn something (you did not know) very quickly.
I had little knowledge about my previous work when I first started. Though I am knowledgeable in terms
of project management, I was unfamiliar with the drydocking works or ship repair.
I had to learn everything from how marine engines work, all the processes, and essentially the whole inner
workings within 3 months so I can keep my job.
I started slowly but surely, taking down notes on important things. I was almost always on-site (the
shipyards), conducting team project meetings with the shipyard personnel and ship officials twice a day
to discuss the scope of works and progress. I asked experienced people on matters I am unfamiliar with,
and after each day, I slept late just to research more about how I can effectively do my job.
Eventually, I got the hang of it within 2 months’ time and mastered my craft within a year. It took me a lot
of personal time and sacrifices to accomplish my goals, and I did it because I love my job despite the stress
it brings.
Differentiator – Creative Problem Solver