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Unit 3 quiz

A lot of boys and girls in Western countries are wearing
the same kinds of clothes, and many of them have long hair,
so it is often difficult to tell whether they are boys or girls.
One day, an old gentleman went for a walk in a park in
Washington, and when he was tired he sat down on a
bench. A young person was standing on the other side of
the pond. "My goodness!" the old man said to the person
who was sitting next to him on the bench. "Do you see that
person with the loose pants and long hair? Is it a boy or a
girl?" .
11. They won the match last week.
a- they couldn’t have played well
b- they may be playing well
c- they can’t be playing well
d- they must have played well
12. They build a big mall in downtown last month.
"A girl," said his neighbor. "She's my daughter."
The passive for the above sentence is ..........
"Oh!" the old gentleman said quickly. "Please forgive me, I
didn't know that you were her mother."
a- A big Mall is being built in our village last month.
'I’m not," said the other person, I’m her father."
What did the old gentleman see on the other side of the
a) Children
b) a girl
c) a boy
7. What was common in Western countries in the story?
That boys resemble to girls
That girls resemble to boys
Every gender dresses up by their nature
It is not possible to identify boys and girls
b- A big Mall has been built in our village last month.
c- A big Mall was built in our village last month.
d- A big Mall was being built in our village last month
14. Many of the ancient remainings showed that there ...a life
here for a lon`g time. (2014)
a- must have
b-might been
c- could have been
d-couldn’t been
15. Arrange tables for the meeting.
(Just, pr perfect passive)
a- Tables just have being arranged for the meeting.
8. What was this person’s answer?
b- Tables have just arranged for the meeting.
a) He knew the person
b) He didn’t know the person
9. The old gentleman spoke to
in the park.
a) His friend
b) his son
c- Tables have just been arranged for the meeting.
sitting on a bench
c) a stranger
d) his wife
10. Who was the man sitting next to the old man?
Girl’s father
b) Girl’s mother
d- Tables has just been arranged for the meeting.
16. Choose the correct statement.
a- It believed that the new prime minister is good.
b- It is believed that the new prime minister is good.
c- It believes that the new prime minister is good.
d-. It is believe that the new prime minister is good.
17. This circular thing ... a gold ring.
a- possibly must
b-might have be
c- must have
d-could be
18. The noun form of the verb civilize is…
a- civilization b- civilized c- civilizes d- civilizational
Grade 12 Quiz 3
32. The letter / c / isn’t silent in...
19. Which option carries the idea of possibility? (2016)
This kind of fish must have been starving.
the panda bears must have starved in the zoo.
A lot of animals are starving in the forest.
It might have starved before
b- scissors
c- fascinate
33. The letter ‘ur’ in ‘ further ‘ is sounded as...
a-/ e /
b- / Ɜ: /
c- / u /
d-/ a: /
34. The underlined part in the word culture is ......
b- / t ʃ/
a-/ t /
21. What is the height of the mound?
35. -The letter / si / in dimension is pronounced…
a- 33 m
b-30 m
b-31 m
d-32 m
a-/ z/
c- / dӠ /
b- /ʃ /
c- / s /
d-/ d /
36. The letter ‘ b‘ is not pronounced in... (2014)
22. -50 tonnes is a kind of ….
a- measurement
d- scneario
c- dimension
d- height
d-all of them
24. Emma Wood is a(n) ….
35. -The letter / t ʃ / in structure is pronounced…
a- teacher b-Kurdish student c- exchange student d- manager
a- lecture
b- pleasure
c- revison
d- closure
25. The Citadel can be seen from a distance because of its ….
a- size
c- shape
d- construction
26. Emma and Tara found … inside the cave?
a- an old metal box
b- merchant
c- silk
36. The cook of the ship is …
d- was he
27. Stonehenge was constructed ......... . (2016)
c- Squire
a- about 4600 years ago
b- by a long forgotten people
c-near Cairo in Egypt
d- on a square base
28. Important developments which happened near Erbil were ... .
a- the start of farming
b- the invention of writing
d- both (a-b)
a- a part of UNESCO
b- the name of Erbil Citadel
c-a Kurdish organization
d- a conversation project
30. Stonehenge is an ancient stone ... ,which has 80 ... blocks.
a- square base/rectangular
b- rectangular/circle
d- circle/rectangular
31. The sound / ə / as in teacher is not found in ..................
b- visitor
c- agree
b-Jim Hawkins
d- Black Dog
37. The name of the ship is…
a- Bristol b-Hispaniola
38 . Who helped squire to find the ship and the crew…
a- Dr. Livesey
c-Black dog
d- Blandly
39. What does ‘under sealed order’ mean?
29. HCECR is ... . (2014)
a- long John Silver
d- deserve
a- dangerous
b-didn’t know where/why to go
c- Mutiny
40. Captain Smollet didn’t like the voyage because ...
a- it wad secretly planned
b- the crew didn’t follow his orders
c- the ship was not as good as he expected
d-the ship was very small for many sailors