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A customer testimonial video is the method of the proposal of product to the public through
the review of customers who have come across those products. The statement that customers
convey in the reviews of products may not necessarily positive feedback. The criticism may also
include which helps the improve the manufacture of the product to better quality. Usually,
while purchasing online, regular customers refer to reviews and ratings of products and online
service review to know if it worth paying. Due to this reason, there is a possibility of increasing
as well as decreasing the rating of products depends on its quality rated by users. the review
displayed in online shopping websites and apps may contain the pictures, their views in the
detailed description, and probably videos through which they show whether the item is okay to
buy or not. Unlike the process of a direct purchasing system, the customers should depend on
ratings and reviews to get good products. Therefore, this helps to bring up products under the
satisfaction of customers which lead to a good review, consequently increases the sales.
Different ways to present customer testimonial video
A customer testimonial video can be presented through social media, consisting of the
display of the product and description of its quality.
Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have a vast count of users all
over the world. Therefore, it gives the probability of a better opportunity for an increase
in sales.
Other chances to reach to a wider audience by presenting the customer testimonial
video is in blogs and other social sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and so on.
Introduction of video testimonials in webinars that aims to develop sales.
Wide promotion of products on websites through video testimonials may propagate the
positive information about the product worldwide through the internet. Resultantly, this
reinforces the popularity of the product. For instance, four years ago, amazon service company
has released the seller testimonial in which they talk about their production work, the
innovation of ideas to improve customer needs, and millions of customers they have received.
Benefits of creating a customer testimonial video
The method of customer testimonial video is the involvement of customers with the
review of the product of a particular production company to expose it to a larger
audience for good production
It is a very beneficial set up to both production companies and the customers.
People nowadays expect certain brands of products that value quality. Other than
written information about the product which the buyers come across may not be much
helpful to increase the sale. To get a better sale, its quality must be shown.
The video testimonial method is very much convincing to customers for their benefits.
This reason is a very basic matter that benefits the growth of better production and an
increase in sales.
the satisfactory comments about the product must be captured in the video testimonial
because that leads to the increase in chances of leaning to the particular item by buyers.
The basic features of customer testimonial video
It should only contain the customer's viewpoint.
The video presentation must be in a genuine manner.
Personal details of the customer regarding the experience of using the product may gain
the attention of viewers.
The customer should be confident and natural about views on the product in the
testimonial video.
Contents in customer testimonial video
The speaker in testimonial video starts with their personal introduction.
Clarified way of talking to the viewers regarding the product by speaking about
how long they have been using and how well they know about the customer
services provided by company.
Persuasive approach should be taken to convince the audience by presenting the
advancement of the brand of product compare to the other brands.
Projection of major problems that can be solve by using the product.
The description of features of product that it worth for recommendation to
Basically, testimonial video may present with a certain arrangement, that is; the problem and
solution. The speaker in the video comes up with personal trouble that they may have faced.
And further explains how the issue is solved by introducing the product and its company. Then
the contents in the video may go on with details of the product such as the materials used to
manufacture, the methods to use, its availability, and the price. Most importantly, the views
about the item may highlight the bright part.
The customer testimonial video usually works by screening the brand as it is real and unique
compare to other brands. Through this the production company can built up the trust of
audience. Video production for marketing it formed in definite arrangement. Firstly, the
business of the company, regarding the particular product and its brand, should be learned for
the strategical approach of video production. Secondly, before the production, there must be
proper scheduling in the contents of video testimonial. Like, the proper arrangement of
questions and convincing responses from customer’s side, demonstration of the use of
products and so on. Thirdly, the video production. The video contents as per the planning will
be recorded and screened in a very legible manner. Then, the recorded video brings under
editing to present it in very standard and attractive manner to get the complete attention of
the customers. Finally, the marketing. Along with release of video testimonial, company should
look for other marketing support for the better sale. Although major cause for rise of
production rate may rely up on the customer testimonial video.
Examples of the testimonial video
ALDI testimonial video. This is the testimonial video that aims at hiring employees for
the company. It isn’t focusing on the customer benefits but enlisting people for the
employment. This testimony consisting of presenting the potentials that the company
expecting from their employers.
Sunrun and horizon solar power testimonial. The testimonial video makes benefits by
precise and attractive presentation of the family and company representation. The
video focuses on reduction of electric bill after using the product.
Customer testimonial for Applied Fitness Solution. the customer Cole forms simple and
easy way of speaking about the steps for fitness solutions which she come across.
Other than introduction about the product for financial and popular benefits, customer video
testimony influences the lifestyle of people. People are attracted by changes and fascinating
inventions that become the part of their day- to- day life. Therefore, such newly invented
products are most probably promoted through video testimonial that attracts the customer to
certain extend which consequently affects the production sale of the company.
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