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Assignment 2

CV202- Engineering Geology
Assignment 2
Descriptive Minerology
Give brief description about the Group and write the physical properties such as
1. Colour, 2. Chemical Composition, 3. Lustre, 4. Streak, 5. Hardness, 6. Cleavage, 7. Fracture, 8.
Diagnostic Property 9. Occurrence 10. Uses (if any) of following minerals or mineral groups
1. Silica Group
a. Quartz
b. Varieties of Quartz
2. Felspathoid Group
a. Nephaline
b. Leucite
c. Sodalite
3. Felspar Group
a. Orthoclase
b. Microcline
c. Albite
d. Anorthite
e. Oligoclase
4. Mica Group
a. Biotite
b. Muscovite
5. Amphibole
a. Hornblende
6. Pyroxene
a. Hypersthene
b. Hedenbergite
7. Olivine
8. Garnet
9. Calcite
10. Gypsum
11. Corundum
12. Ore Minerals
a. Pyrite
b. Cuprite
c. Chalcopyrite
d. Galena
e. Cinnabar
f. Iron Minerals
i. Magnesite
ii. Hematite