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Buy Smart Wi-Fi Cameras at Wifi Smart Home

Make your home smarter with smart Wi-Fi cameras and
smart Wi-Fi sockets
Everybody wants a smart home and does all possible to make it smarter. Try to equip home with the
latest equipment with the latest technology that upgrades your home smarter. Also want to secure our
home and love one too, sometimes you are worried about your family member’s security especially
when you are not in town. Maybe you can’t concentrate on your work, but you can feel secure with
smart latest gadgets like Smart Wi-Fi Cameras, they can keep you update of your home on your phone.
Smart Wi-Fi Cameras are enabled with smart technology like:
• High definition visibility and resolution, full HD video resolution provides clear, crisp, and detailed live
and recorded video on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
• Enabled with smart alerts, its sound and motion detection technology sends real time automatic push
alerts and triggers recording that can be viewed on the mid line app or web portal.
• Night vision features see a clear picture or recording even in complete darkness with built in IR
allowing of night vision.
• Easy remote access, it is accessible anywhere in the world on iOS devices and Android devices with the
new free mid line app.
Smart Wi-Fi Cameras are typical wireless cameras that do more than just capturing images and record
footage. These devices have smart additional functions that can you can monitor the status of your
home even when you’re a thousand miles away. A Smart Wi-Fi Cameras tracks what is happening in your
home and it uses your Wi-Fi network to transmit the video to your smart phone, tablet, or cloud storage
for the archive, it is available with a free app that helps to connect with home. No need too big
installation these devices are plug-and-play, which means that you can use it right after you’ve
downloaded the app. This smart camera makes sure that your family and home have stay protected
when you are far from them. Smart Wi-Fi Cameras comes equipped with innovative features that make
it ideal watchdog for your family, it offers 360-degree vision, which ensures full home protection as it
can rotate and capture a full view. It comes with a shockproof design and quiet motor; it ensures that
the rotation is silent and smooth and thieves will remain unaware that they are being recorded.
One of the main smart gadgets for your smart home is Smart Wi-Fi Plug Sockets. Smart Wi-Fi Plug
Sockets help to smartly operate your home appliances, your home appliances not bound with your
physical appearances means you can fully operate your home appliances even you are not at home.
Once plugged in with your ordinary socket and connected to your Wi-Fi network, after that, you can
remotely turn on and off or modify the schedule of whatever you have the outlet attached to it. Also
control your smart plug with voice control like with Alexa, or Google home. With convenient timer
function on your smart phone, the Smart Wi-Fi Plug Sockets reduces energy use, eliminates wasteful
standby power, prevents overheating and overcharging, and saves on your electric bills.
Features of Smart Wi-Fi Plug Sockets:
• Control your appliance with voice control or app.
• Voice control support for Google Assistant and Alexa.
• Make your devices run on your schedule.
• Schedule your plug to turn on or off at a specific time and save electricity.
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