Coronavirus and Cells

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Directions: Use this chart to record your thinking before, during and after reading a New York Times article. To begin,
use the “K” or “What I Know” column to make a list of things you already know about the topic before you read. In the
“W” or “What I Want to Know” column, make a list of questions that occur to you either before you read or while you’re
reading. Finally, in the “L” or “What I Learned” column, make a list of facts you learned from the article, including, if
possible, the answers to some of your questions.
Headline of article:_ __________________________________________________________________________________
What I Know
What I Want to Know
What I Learned
Part I: How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells
1. Before reading the first article, fill out the Know and Want to Know sections of the chart on the
next page.
2. Access the article from the New York Times here:
First Article Analysis Questions
1. How does the coronavirus enter and leave the body? Based on that information, what are ways to
prevent the coronavirus from entering your body? (3 marks)
2. What is viral RNA? How does it affect the infected cell? (2 marks)
3. Why don’t antibiotics work against viruses? Are there any medications that treat viral infections? (2
3. How does the coronavirus infection progress and spread through the body? (2 marks)
5. What does the immune system do to try to fight the virus? (2 marks)
6. How might a vaccine be able to prevent the coronavirus? Use your knowledge of how the flu vaccine
works to support your point. (3 marks)
Finally, complete the What I learned section of your KWL chart.
Part II: What Does Coronavirus do to the Body?
1. Access and read the article:
2. Once you have read through, use the info from the article to create a mock-up for an informational
poster about the symptoms and prevention of COVID-19 using the space below.