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Lesson Plan - Perspective SEL

Lesson Plan - Perspective
Social Emotional Learning
Title: Understanding Perspectives
- Students will identify and explain their own perspectives
- Students will identify and discuss perspectives that may be different than their own
SEL – Social Awareness 3A:
Demonstrate awareness of other people’s emotions and perspectives
Perspective: Noun
a particular attitude toward or way of
regarding something; a point of view.
Point of View: Noun
a particular attitude or way of
considering a matter.
PowerPoint slides
Teacher Computer
Worksheets (optional)
Quick Starter:
“What is a perspective?”
- Explain that we all have our own opinions & perspectives
- Explain that perspective-taking is being able to see a situation form someone
else’s POV
- Ask why it might be important to do that
Lesson Plan:
Begin lesson with quick starter by defining “perspective” and explaining differences in
point of view
Activity One
• Explain that students will be sharing some of their own perspectives
• Pass out worksheet OR project worksheet on board
• Read each question and give time for students to write their answers on the
worksheet OR give time for thought and open class discussion
• Remind students there are no right or wrong answers
• Encourage students to give reasons for their answers
Activity Two
• Explain that many times, people have different perspectives on the same
situations and that we will be learning to understand multiple perspectives
• Pass out worksheet OR project worksheet on board
• Give time for observation and thought
• Review each image and lead discussion on what each person sees
Closing Activity
• “What is a perspective?”
• “Why do we have different perspectives on the same topics or ideas?”
• “What does it mean to ‘perspective-take’?”
• How can perspective-taking help us?
• “Why might it be difficult to perspective-take sometimes?”
• “How could perspective-taking help you to become a better friend?”