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Persuasive Essay Writing How to

Writing a Persuasive Essay About a Novel: a How-To Guide:
1st Pick a theme/topic
2nd find 3 quotes that each show an example of your theme/topic
3rd Decide what each of these quotes say about your theme/topic. These will be your (3) body
paragraph topics. Now you have basically given yourself 3 different paragraph assignments. Write
them out one at a time.
Body Paragraphs
4th Write your 1st body paragraph topic sentence (this will be the 1st sentence of your body paragraph).
5th Introduce your quote and insert it. What is happening in the novel before the quote? Who says it?
6th Explain and analyze your quote. What does the character (or narrator) mean by this quote? What
does the quote have to do with your theme/topic? Finish with a general statement about the quote
and theme.
7th Do steps 4-6 two more times for body paragraphs 2 and 3.
8th Write your intro paragraph. This consists of 1. a hook, 2. author and title, 3. a statement of which
theme your writing about and why it is most interesting to you. 4. A version of each of your 3 body
paragraph topic sentences. 5. A general statement of your opinion of your theme in the novel.
9th Concluding paragraph: restate your thesis (main idea of your paper). For example: Friendship is an
important theme in “The Outsiders” because (insert topic sentence 1,2 and 3).
In your concluding paragraph be sure to:
-Leave the reader with a sense of closure, “tell them what you said”
-Summarize each body paragraph (1 sentence for each body paragraph summarization).
-Do not add any new information in this paragraph!
10th Title your essay, and make sure your name is on it.
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