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fire extinguishers

Building Services
Fire Extinguisher
What is Fire Extinguisher ?
• A Fire extinguisher is a device which can be
used to control a fire. Fire extinguishers can
help remove the fire, and may stop it from
Things to remember before installation of
fire extinguishers.
Brass Valve Chrome Plated Heavy duty
BIS Approved
CE Certified.
Maintenance should be done as per IS 2190:2010
Must Check the color band according to need.
Extinguisher/ Equipments must be according to guidelines
given by concerned disaster authority.
Types of fire extinguisher
• Water extinguishers are for Class A fires only.
• The discharge stream could spread the flammable liquid in a
Class B fire or could create a shock hazard on a Class C fire.
• Color Band- Black
• Easy and No Maintenance and Service.
• Can not be used on electrical fires.
• Used in- Schools / Theaters, Apartments,
Office, Textile / Wood
Industry, Warehouses
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide can be used on Class B & C fires.
They are usually ineffective on Class A fires.
Color Band- Black
Features- Colorless, Odorless
Used in -Rail Yards / Warehouses Construction
Sites,Airports,Electrical Substation, Meter Room,DG
Room,Power Sector.
A B C Type Dry Powder
• ABC or Multi-Purpose extinguishers comprise of a special
fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry
• It is use for Class A fires and breaks the chain reaction of Class
B fires
• Easy and More Economical to Maintain and Service
• Used in- Homes, Offices,
Buildings, Warehouses,
Cinema halls.
• Color Band- Blue
• Capacity-1-9kg
Dry Powder
• Dry Chemical powder extinguishers utilize a specially
siliconized Sodium Bicarbonate.
• It insulates class B , C fires by forming a cloud and cutting off
the oxygen supply.
• Used in- Homes / Offices,Buildings,Warehouses,Pump Room,
• Color band- Blue
• Capacity- 4kg-9kg
Foam Based Extinguisher
• Foam has the ability to form an aqueous film which quickly
over water-insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid
fire extinguishment and vapour suppression for class B fires.
• Also it provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities
when used on class A fires.
• Foam extinguishers are ideal for fires involving volatile liquids
and freely burning materials such as lubricant, oil fires, paper,
cloth, wood, etc.
• Only for fighting class A and B fire.
• Easy and Maintenance and Service.
• Do not use on electrical fires.
• Used in-Paints, Lubricants, Chemical Industry, Oil
Fire/Refinery, Kitchen/Restaurant, Boiler Room.
• Color Band- Yellow
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
• CLEAN AGENT replaces Halon 1211 as the agent-of-choice for
applications where the agent must be clean, electrically
nonconductive, environment-friendly, extremely low in
toxicity and exceptionally effective.
• Suitable for Class A, B and C fires.
• Low Global Warming Potential.
• Low Ozone Depletion Potential.
• Short Atmospheric Lifetime
• Useful for- Computer Rooms / Laboratories, Essential
Communication Area, Server-data Room / Telecommunications, Aerospace- Warehouse, Hospitals - Medical
Equipment's, Sensitive Expensive Equipment.
• Color Band- Green
Other Fire Extinguisher
• Sand Bucket
• Water Bucket
Fire Fighting Equipment
Stand posts:
• Standpipes for Fire Brigade use available with Aluminium/
copper/ G.I. provided with Instantenous/ threaded Inlet and
• Made up of Aluminium/ Copper/ G.I. Pipe. Gunmetal/ Al. alloy
Inlet/ Outlet.
• Sizes : 2½", 4"
• Item Description : Fire Hydrant Stand Pipe Double
outlet, having 63mm Female Round
Thread / Female Inst.Inlet & 2 nos. 63mm
Female Inst.Outlet used for Under ground
Fire Hydrant Valve
• Standposts for mounting of Hydrants/ monitors in Firewater
systems. Welded Construction.
• Builders using M.S. Pipe to IS:1239 class C, M.S. Flanges as per
• Outlet : Swivel head/ female Instantaneous.
• Sizes : 3", 4", 6"
• Item Description : MS Double Stand Post 100mm NB
flanged Inlet & 2 nos. 80mm NB
flanged outlet for mounting 2 nos. single
outlet Fire Hydrant Valve
Fire Sprinklers
• Sprinkler is thermo-sensitive quarzoid liquid glassbulb burst
actuated type and be standard products.
• All sprinklers is brass castings polished / chrome OR white
(polyester) unless stated otherwise and rated for 12.0
KG/CM2 WG and factory tested for 34.0 KG/CM2. Sprinklers is
pendant OR side wall type as specified and shown on