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Telephone Systems by NECALL voice and Data

Telephone Systems
By NECALL Voice & Data
NECALL is a leading telephone systems and data networking solutions provider company in
Australia. We are also offering voice, video, data and cabling solutions, while providing our
customers with renowned service and support.
Our Products & Services
VoIP Telephone Systems
Business Telephone Systems
Telephone Systems
IP Telephony Solutions &
Unified Communications
Carrier (VoIP, ISDN, SIP Trunks)
IT products
Voice & Data cabling
Maintenance & Support
Wireless / Cordless Telephone
Cloud Voice & Business Solutions
IP Cameras
Data Switces
Moves, Adds & Changes
Video Conferencing
Mobile Solutions
Telephone Headsets
Phone Systems
Telephone System
Contact Centres
Why Choose Us?
NECALL is a West Australian based company established in 1991. We can offer a state
and national coverage through our network of affiliate business partners.
What Our Clients Say
“NECALL Voice & Data took time to understand our needs and provides useful
suggestions that we had overlooked; it's added value to our businesses”
“The system was installed promptly and the technician was very friendly,
efficient and courteous. He explained everything we needed to know
before he left our site. On a couple of occasions we have had to ring with
queries and have always found all the staff to be very courteous and
helpful. We would not hesitate in recommending NECALL, as ours was a
very positive experience with them.”
- Margaret Holland
Mercury Metal Products
Telephone & Communication
SL1100 - Small Business Phone System
SL2100 - Small Business Phone System
SV9100 - Small to Medium Business Phone
SV9500 - Enterprise Telephone System
NBN Phone Systems
VOIP Phone Systems
SV9300 - Medium to Large Business Phone
Let’s See in Brief
NECALL supply and install wide range of NEC telephone systems to Australian businesses
with cost saving benefits including increased team efficiency and productivity.
NEC SL1100 - Small Business
Phone System
The NEC SL1100 is a powerful telephone system
specially built for small businesses.
It offers a competitive starting price and a low cost
handset range that means you don’t require any large
upfront investment
NEC SL2100 - Small Business
Phone System
With the NEC SL2100 telephone system you get
excellent value for your investment with low running
It lets you take advantage of Voice Over IP (VoIP)
technology to reduce your call costs.
NEC SV9100 - Small to
Medium Telephone System
The NEC SV9100 telephone system is specially for small
to medium businesses.
It lets you take advantages of Voice Over IP (VoIP), IP
technology and unified communications.
NEC SV9300 - Medium to
Large Telephone System
The NEC SV9300 telephone system is built for medium
to large businesses.
This telephone system is reliable, scalable, adaptable
and easy to manage.
It easily integrates with an existing IT technologies as a
fully interoperable digital or IP system.
NEC SV9500 - Enterprise
Telephone System
The NEC SV9500 telephone system is the premier
unified communication solution for government &
SV9500 telephone system by NEC, supports the latest
range of NEC handsets and mobile devices.
NBN Telephone Systems
NBN telephone system is installed at your business
using NBN SIP Lines over the internet via your
nominated carrier helps to reduce you call costs.
It comes with over 200 features.
VOIP Telephone Systems
VoIP telephone systems helps you in saving your
business call costs as all calls are made over your
broadband connection.
It is easy to setup.
Contact NECALL Voice & Data
: (08) 9455 3122
: (08) 9455 3101
: enquiries@necall.com.au
: http://www.necall.com.au/
Any questions?
You can find me at enquiries@necall.com.au & nick.fitt@necall.com.au