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Chemistry Quiz 2020.10.23

Chemistry Honors
Mr. Gilles
Quiz: October 23
Name: __________
1.________ Which of the following would not be considered to be a derived
SI unit or a derived quantity?
A) mass;
B) pressure;
C) density;
D) m ; E) luminous
intensity; F) both A and E.
2.______ Which of the following is not a fundamental SI unit of measure?
A) ampere;
B) Kelvin;
C) mole;
D) candela;
E) Newton
3.______ Which of these countries does use the meter?
A) Liberia;
B) Brazil;
C) Myanmar;
D) United States
4.______ How many milliliters (mL) are in one liter (L)?
5.______ How many bytes (B) are in one gigabyte (GB)?
6. Indicate the SI base units or derived units that are appropriate for the
following measurements (4 pts):
(a) ______ the length of a marathon race
(b) ______ the mass of an automobile
(c) ______ the volume of a swimming pool
(d) ______ the speed of an airplane
(e) ______ the density of gold
(f) ______ the area of a football field
(g) ______ the maximum temperature at the South Pole on April 1,
(h) ______ the acceleration of a freely falling object on Earth
7. Give the name and symbol of the prefixes used with SI units to indicate
multiplication by the following exact quantities (2 pts):
(a) ______,______ 103
(b) ______,______ 10−2
(c) ______,______ 0.1
(d) ______,______ 10−3